Achieve milestones with clarity,
perseverance and focus

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My expertise for your success

Personal Development

  • Focusing on strengths and milestones
  • Development around the topics of visualization of goals and visions, positive mindset, reflection, focus, stress management and resilience
  • Training in dealing with change and with yourself

Team Development

  • Increasing the performance of a team
  • Promoting a positive feedback and error culture
  • Goal development and support

Presence and Performance Skills

  • Developing an understanding of presence and
    Communication with Small and Large Groups
  • Building trust, authenticity and awareness of your own strengths and potential and how to deal with them

Mentoring and Coaching

  • Reflection, honest feedback, constructive, at eye level, but always with one’s own goal in mind
  • An exchange that goes beyond the mere attainment of performance goals and ensures more sustainable planning and achievement of goals

Mental Strength

Belief in yourself and the realistic assessment and use of your own strengths, combined with mental strength, lead to amazing (top) results - on and off the golf course.

Let’s go and play.


About Me

I stand for authenticity, passion, focus and perseverance. As a former professional golfer and Olympic participant (Rio 2016), I know what it’s like to have to call up services at the push of a button.

I have experienced how important it is to set goals, work hard on them and see crises, and setbacks, but also changes as opportunities.

For years, I have been using this expertise and experience to develop personalities and teams who want to get ahead.


All processes are customisable to your individual needs


  • Milestones process for individual personalities
    (Sport, Job, Private)

  • Milestones Process for Teams

  • Milestones Process for Young Leaders

  • Milestones Process for Golfers



Monika Stocker
Director UBS Switzerland AG

«Authentic, credible, honest, clear, professional, serious, cordial, cheerful, motivating – that is Fabienne. This is how I experience her coaching on and off the course. It is a unique enrichment for my golf game as well as for my life. She quickly grasps how she can pick me up with correspondingly simple tools. As a woman who is generally very enthusiastic about sports, it is also very interesting for me to hear about her personal experiences as a professional athlete and to be able to benefit from all those tips. I can highly recommend her for golf as well as life coaching, but also for events and as a speaker. Going the extra mile with her is a real pleasure! Every milestone is worth it!»


Rolf Weber
Managing Director Jaisli-Xamax AG

«Our team building event with Fabienne In-Albon was exciting, varied and goal-oriented. Through the various interactive workshops, we were able to develop ourselves and focus on the essential topics. That’s how we also went the extra mile.»


Beatrice Gruber
Executive Director, UBS Switzerland AG

«Golf is my passion and thanks to Fabienne’s Mindset Coaching I have been able to further develop my game and have already been able to realize visions – it was a firework of emotions that I probably wouldn’t have experienced without Fabienne. Her passion for working with people, for providing new inputs and for getting them out of their comfort zone, combined with her knowledge and experience as a golf professional, can be felt in every milestone session and in every coaching session on the course. Working on the vision together with her helps to initiate a process and to follow the chosen pathway consistently, even if there is one or the other hurdle to overcome. Fabienne is authentic, warm and above all passionate about everything she does. Thank you Fabienne for everything – I look forward to many more exciting workshops and individual coaching sessions with you. Let’s go the extra mile (again and again).»