What I learned from elite Sports – part 2
Competitive sport was an absolute life school for me, therefore I would like to explain and share some of my key learnings with you in the next few weeks.

In the last article I talked about the topic “Goal setting” and how to get started with 3 simple steps.

The second part is about “Focus”. 

2. Focus

Here I always like to use the quote “Where attention goes energy flows”. Especially in Golf, focus is extremely important, with every single shot. 

If I am thinking about the missed shot on the previous hole or the fact that I just don’t want to hit the next one into the water hazard, then I can assume that the following shot will also be bad or that it will turn out exactly the way I don’t want it to turn out. That means in sport I’ve learned to always focus on the here and now, because that is the only thing I can influence. 

Especially nowadays, where change is a massive part of our everyday life and we are constantly faced with new challenges, it is of high importance to set our focus right. 

We always the choice, do I focus on the mistake or do I see the learning field, am I scared of what it behind the hill or am I excited about the adventure? Are you asking yourself “What if it doesn’t work out” or are you asking yourself “What if it does work out?”

That means it is important to put the focus on all of the things which do lie in our own hands and on what we can influence (e.g. our routines, our systems, available ressources, our Mindset, etc), otherwise we waste way too much energy on things we can’t control. 

So Focus is another key learning that I took with me from my time as a professional athlete and that I now use when developing personalities and teams.